08 April 2014 by Dean Perry

Patching the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug on Ubuntu

An extremely important bug fix came out for OpenSSL, a software tool/package used for SSL, yesterday which fixes bug CVE-2014-0160, also known as Heartbleed. This quick post will show you how to remove your current version of OpenSSL, which is more than likely affected and install version 1.0

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24 March 2014 by Dean Perry

Viaduct - the best hosting service, ever?

I've recently signed up to Viaduct, a hosting service by the guys at aTech Media. I was very intrigued after using their last hosting service, Appli, and was upset when it was shut down. Viaduct is like Heroku's better looking sister that no-one can keep their eyes off. But why

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14 March 2014 by Dean Perry

Setting up Jenkins CI for Ruby on Rails Testing

I've been looking around for a good Continuous Integration service that doesn't just support GitHub. GitHub is great and I use it for all of my hosting all of my open source projects, it's just I use Codebase for all of my private & client projects. I've had issues in

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23 December 2013 by Dean Perry

I'm writing a book on Graylog2

I'm pleased to announce that I am going to be writing a book for them called Getting Started with Graylog2. I am using Leanpub so you can signup to hear more info about it on here. I will update my blog when the book is released!

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05 October 2013 by Dean Perry

Setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment on Mavericks

I've just installed the GM (Gold Master) version of Mavericks, Apple's latest OSX operating system. After my other popular blog post on setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment on Mountain Lion, here is my post on setting it up for Mavericks. Mavericks comes with Ruby 2.0 out

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14 January 2013 by Dean Perry

Fixing the Windows 8 Wireless Bug/Problem

Windows 8 has a known bug with wireless internet connections. This bug can cause problems such as not connecting to wireless routers which have been connected before. In order to fix/get around this issue I've written a small program which removes all the remembered wireless networks. I've used this

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